Boost your ROI from Training by boosting learner engagement

When employees are engaged in learning, they retain more of the information and are more likely to implement their new skills in the work environment.  With corporate learning moving more and more to online interventions, ensuring full engagement has become a nightmare for HR Departments

This is where our Virtual Learning Academy comes in.  This 3D Virtual environment complements what you are already doing by adding advanced engagement and gamification to the learning experience. 

Social Learning

Social incentives are a powerful tool to drive behavior.  By allowing users to view other avatars, they can see other employees’ emblems, badges, completed missions and view progress – all of which conveys social status and drives interpersonal competition and motivation.

What about game-based learning?

Numerous studies have now proven beyond any doubt that game-based learning is one of the most effective tools in modern Learning & Development strategies. 3 Degrees Tech is continuously expanding our library of learning games.  We also work with our clients to convert their training content into games – computer, mobile and Virtual Reality.

For more information about our Game-based learning, please click here (link to Game-based learning page)

Gamification of HR

One major advantage of all our HR products is our ability to use game mechanics to keep employees engaged and inspired. All interactions are tracked and this allows us to allocate points to every activity. By earning points, employees can earn badges, unlock functionalities and complete missions. Leaderboards reward high performers.


Our Virtual Learning Academy includes a Reception/Welcome Centre, Content Room (where we integrate your LMS) and a games room – where we host game-based learning content.  The Learning Centre also includes Leaderboards, ability for LIVE training and in-platform chat.  All functionalities are geared towards the advanced gamification of your training process.