Cement new employees’ love for your Employer Brand

Our 3D Virtual Onboarding platform takes the new employee experience to the next level. It has been designed and developed to boost the emotional connection between your new employee and your employer brand.  It also speeds up the onboarding process, making the new employee more productive shortly after their first day.

Gamification of HR

One major advantage of all our HR products is our ability to use game mechanics to keep employees engaged and inspired. All interactions are tracked and this allows us to allocate points to every activity. By earning points, employees can earn badges, unlock functionalities and complete missions. Leaderboards reward high performers.

Make onboarding and induction fun

Every successful onboarding process aims to achieve three things: 

  1.  Orientate the new employee about the company.
  2. Educate the new employee around all the employer benefits. 
  3. Administrate all the important information and forms required.

Our platform does all this and more while ensuring that the process is fun and interactive for the new employee.


Our Virtual Onboarding Platform includes a Reception / Welcome Centre, Employee Admin Room, General Benefits Room, Medical Aid room and Provident Fund Room. All these rooms include your branding and content about your organization – video, images and text. It includes digitized forms and other ways to streamline onboarding administration. We can integrate with any 3rd party software you use during the onboarding process.

What about induction training?

Most organizations require new employees to go through induction training before they can start with their duties.  Induction training can include health & safety training, products & services, and much more.

Our Onboarding Platform seamless integrate with our Virtual Learning Academy that allows our clients to offer induction training in 3D – yes, full 3D. 

For more information about our Virtual Learning Centre, please click here (link to Virtual Learning Centre page)