Why game-based learning?

Numerous studies have now proven beyond any doubt that game-based learning is one of the most effective tools in modern Learning & Development strategies. In fact, many studies have found that game-based learning is more effective than a script-based, in-person approach and has a high positive motivational impact on learning.

Game-based e-learning can be used as an effective teaching method for self-instruction, allowing organizations to scale their training – and thereby reducing the cost-per-learner dramatically.

Learning games to suit every training programme

We convert Training content into Mobile/Computer Games & Virtual Reality Training Scenarios– depending on which format will work best for every specific training scenario.

Reusable game-based assessments

A breakthrough, first-of-its-kind technology developed by 3 Degrees Tech. We have designed and developed several game-based assessment templates that can turn any assessment into a game. This allows companies to use game-based assessments at scale.

This is the perfect way to complement your current learning content by assessing understanding via games.

Host your training games in our Virtual Learning Centre

We can host your learning games on any 3rd party platform.  Alternatively, our games seamless integrate with our Virtual Learning Academy that allows our clients to offer training in 3D – yes, full 3D. 

For more information about our Virtual Learning Centre, please click here (link to Virtual Learning Centre room)