Your product deserves more than a boring 2D event

Replicating the mechanics of events are often not the main challenge – it is the human engagement part that is proving very difficult to reproduce. When your event is meant to boost a brand or a product, you need 3D experiences that succeed in engaging the minds and hearts of its visitors.   

With everyone jumping onto the ‘online’ bandwagon, we believe that people are looking for something different that will enhance their product launches and their business brand. Something that will allow them to stand out from the crowd and be recognized.

This is where 3D Virtual Product Launches will make you shine…

Hybrid events are here to stay

International event companies are saying that hybrid events are here to stay. Virtual engagement will continue to be a powerful way complement your in-person Product Launch as a way to engage people that cannot attend your event or others who might want to re-experience the event at home.

Complement your in-person Product Launch with our highly engaging 3D Virtual Product Launch product.

Product Launches are special kind of events

Our 3D Virtual Product launches are special kind of events that are fundamentally different to mainstream, website-like 2D events

The advantage of a 3D Event over the 2D type is that 3D allows us more design, animation & content options.  It is simply vastly superior in offering a virtual event experience unlike no other.

This makes it perfect for Virtual Product Launches or other product focused events.


Several design and engagement options in 3D. Our 3D Virtual Product Launches allow us to add various design, animation and content options not available in normal 2D. 

3D Product Models.  We can even add 3D models of your product for visitors to engage with

Advanced animation. Demand attention by adding advanced animation to your 3D events

Event gamification. Game Mechanics are used to evoke the human dynamics of:  Achievement, Progress, Exploration, Surprise, Competition and Community – all which enhances brand engagement.

Final product available in Virtual Reality, allowing visitors to truly engage and with your event in an immersed VR experience.

Ready to use templates and custom-made Virtual Product Launches

3 Degrees Tech is continuously adding to our library of Virtual Events templates.  By making use of any template in this library, you can build your own Virtual Product Launch with a quick turnaround time and vastly reduced costs. 

Additionally, we work together with our clients to build custom-made Product Launches based on the design they require.