Build your resume in 3D, you will stand out!

A 3D resume is a digital, interactive, and visually-engaging way of presenting your professional background, skills, and accomplishments. Some common words used to describe a 3D resume may include:

• Interactive: A 3D resume allows users to interact with the information and content in a way that is not possible with a traditional paper or digital resume. For example, users may be able to click on different sections of the resume to learn more about a particular skill or experience.

• Visual: A 3D resume uses a variety of visual elements, such as images, videos, graphs, and animations, to present information in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. This can help to make the resume more interesting and memorable for the reader.

• Customizable: A 3D resume may allow users to customize the appearance and layout of their resume, so that it reflects their personal style and branding. For example, users may be able to choose different colors, fonts, and backgrounds for their resume.

• Digital: A 3D resume is typically created and shared digitally, using online tools or platforms. This allows users to easily share their resume with potential employers or connections via email, social media, or a personal website.

• Engaging: A 3D resume is designed to be engaging and captivating for the reader. It may use a variety of multimedia elements and interactive features to keep the reader’s attention and showcase the user’s unique talents and abilities.


In conclusion, a 3D resume is a powerful and effective way to present your professional background and skills in a digital, interactive, and visually-engaging format. Whether you are applying for a job, networking with potential connections, or showcasing your work online, a 3D resume can help you stand out from the crowd and showcase your unique talents and abilities. 

Boost your CV

The main objectives of your CV is to make you stand out as a candidate and a brand. When you have a 3D CV, you will stand out! 

Our self service system allows you to build your very own 3D Resume in a matter of minutes. Pick from the background templates available and add your content. Your 3D Resumè can have a video introduction, images and text to run through your previous experience, etc. Multimedia is definitely the way to make a great impression.  


Make yourself more employable when applying with a 3D Resumè in a world full of 2D CV’s. 

CV’s are delivered by email these days, but you will still be at the “top” of the pile when you have an interesting 3D Resumè.