2D is so 1980’s. 3D is the FUTURE

COVID-19 has caught most international businesses off guard by accelerating two major trends that were previously known but neglected.

Trend 1: Engagement. The way people engage with their environment has changed. Younger generations are moving away from text heavy, 2D tools and platforms such as email and websites toward video and game-based platforms. 

Trend 2: Remote Engagement: It has now become quite clear that one of the biggest impacts of 2020/2021 is that virtual business solutions are not a nice to have anymore – it is now a MUST have.  With consumers working from home, companies need to strategically convert all business processes – including sales –  into fully interactive and engaging Virtual processes in order to ensure optimal revenue generating capabilities.


VR Tour will be based on real-life 360 images. Make the customer feel as if she/he is inside your actual operations and showcase what makes your company unique.

Add content to the showcase that allow the customer to engage with environment to learn more about your products/services and operations

Give clients an immersed feeling. The final product available in Web, Mobile or Virtual Reality Applications, allowing customers to engage with your brand in various ways

3D Showcases have the advantage over 2D videos

Our Virtual Company showcases are fully interactive, 360 degrees engagement encounters.

The advantage of a 3D Tour over the 2D corporate video is that 3D allows us more design and content options.  It is simply vastly superior in offering an online experience unlike no other.

Our platform has the unique ability to add content and animations to each scene.  Content and animations include:

  • Video
  • Images
  • Text
  • Voice overs
  • Background music
  • Avatars
  • PDF Download
  • Links to websites
  • Links to social media
  • And much more

The best tool when in-person company tours are impractical

Replicating the mechanics of business processes are often not the main challenge – it is the human engagement part that is proving very difficult to reproduce.

Whether due to COVID restrictions or physical distance between you and potential clients – you need virtual sales processes that succeed in engaging the minds and hearts of your customers.  Virtual processes that in-person company tours as much as possible and evokes human emotion.

This can only be done via our 3D Virtual Company Showcases.

Boost sales through showcasing your business in 3D

Our Virtual Company Tours are fully interactive, Virtual Engagement Scenarios that complement your current marketing material with the purpose of:

  • Replicating reality
  • Showcasing operations
  • Providing information in fun, engaging manner
  • Influencing buying decisions
  • Boost your brand
  • Generate sales