At 3 Degrees Tech, we assist businesses in transforming their 2D processes into an optimized 3D, gamified experience that enhances interaction and inspires brand elevation.

3D business processes are here! We have you covered from Metaverses to Game Based Experiences.

We assist companies to create highly engaging online solutions in several verticals including:

Metaverses, Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Events & Meetings and e-Commerce.
With everyone jumping onto the ‘online’ bandwagon, we believe that companies are looking for something different that will enhance their brand and will allow them to stand out from the crowd and be recognized.



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3D Virtual vs
2D Online

All our products are exclusively 3D. We provide 3D experiences where other offer 2D web or app based products

We believe that everybody will need a 3D version of their 2D website, company systems and business process. Just like brochures became websites, websites will become highly interactive experiences for your audience.

Game-based vs

We are not just gamifying a business process; we turn the entire process into a game. All our products embrace game-mechanics to keep the user engaged.

We acquired 7th Center training who specializes in Edutech. Holding expertise in building and Learning Management Systems, digitizing content and game based learning and assessments.

Mind Blowing
Virtual Experiences

We create visually rich virtual events that transport you to experiences that aim to capture the imagination of your audiences with custom designed, 3D interactive environments. Deploying over cross platform or the platform that best suit your audience. Bridging the gap between physical and digital.
Experiences are all about knowing your audience and stimulating the human senses.





“3 Degrees Tech went above and beyond to convert all our content from standard digital forms into content that can be used in a 3D game. The storyline of the training is creative and engaging and the quality of the product above our expectation. The 3 Degrees Teach team always go above and beyond to ensure that the platform functions optimally. They work closely with our IT team to ensure all technical requirements are met. We gladly recommend 3 Degrees Tech.” – Managing Director @ELS 

“The 3 Degrees Tech solution and team are world-class, and their support has been phenomenal. The team is always available to help and support us. They are professional and friendly, always going above and beyond to ensure that our needs are met.
We are very happy to recommend 3 Degrees Tech for any advanced learning solution.” 

–  Senior Lecturer, University of Johannesburg

“3 Degrees Tech worked closely with our recruitment and training teams to build a platform that met our unique needs. The best aspects of the platform, using 360° images of our offices and allowing new employees to tour our offices, even if they are working from home. 3 Degrees Tech went beyond to convert all our assessments from paper-based forms into automated, digitized questionnaires. They have also created game-based assessments for us, while adding an ice-breaker game for our onboarding process.

The 3 Degrees Teach team collaborates closely with our internal team and goes beyond to ensure all technical requirements are met.

In the premises, we are more than happy to recommend 3 Degrees Tech.”

Group HR Exec @ Daly Credit Solutions

“3 Degrees Tech has been instrumental in assisting EBnet in the execution of these matters by providing solutions and support on Virtual onboarding systems and methodologies, developing virtual training programmes and with the advent of the COVID pandemic, providing 3-D digital virtual conference platforms. The latter has been extremely successful and has allowed EBnet to host the most successful virtual conferences in the South African retirement industry 2 years in-a-row. The Three Degrees Tech solutions and team are world-class, and their support has been invaluable to us over the last 2 years.

We can without hesitation recommend Three Degrees Tech for such collaborative partnerships.”


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