2D is so 1980’s. 3D is the FUTURE

COVID-19 has caught most international businesses off guard by accelerating two major trends that were previously known but neglected.

Trend 1: Engagement. The way people engage with their environment has changed. Younger generations are moving away from text heavy, 2D tools and platforms such as email and websites toward video and game-based platforms. 

Trend 2: Remote Engagement: It has now become quite clear that one of the biggest impacts of 2020/2021 is that virtual business solutions are not a nice to have anymore – it is now a MUST have.  With consumers working from home, companies need to strategically convert all business processes – including sales –  into fully interactive and engaging Virtual processes in order to ensure optimal revenue generating capabilities.

3D brochures have the advantage over 2D brochures

Our 3D Brochures are fully interactive, 360 degrees engagement encounters. It takes the content you have on your current brochures and coverts it into an attention grabbing, engagement locking experience.

The advantage of a 3D brochure over the 2D type is that 3D allows us more design and content options.  It is simply vastly superior in offering an online experience unlike no other.

We can also deploy the brochure in full VR (please see if you can highlight this sentence somehow)


Several content options in 3D. Our 3D brochures allow us to add various content options not available in normal 2D. We can add videos, text, images, avatars, 3D models and much more

Advanced animation. Demand attention by adding advanced animation to your 3D brochure

Final product available in Virtual Reality, allowing customers to truly engage and with your brand in an immersed VR experience.