The main influencer of decisions today are experiences.

From deciding on a new job or giving that little bit extra at work to filling our cart during online shopping or returning to that trendy coffee shop – decisions are based on our experience of an employer, a brand, a service or a product.
At 3 Degrees Tech, we believe in the POWER OF EXPERIENCES. Inspirational experiences engage the MIND and the HEART, unlocking human potential in the form of PERSONAL engagement. We create magical customer & employee experiences with our clients, using:


To be the global leader in 3D, game-based business software that is human centered and empower our clients and partners to truly engage with and inspire their stakeholders.


At 3 Degrees Tech, we help our stakeholders create inspirational experiences that unlock true human potential. We do this by:

Helping our clients engage better with their employees and customers

Collaborating with like-minded talent

Empowering our partners to grow their business through our products

Being a global citizen that strives to make a positive impact on the environment and the societies in which we operate

Developing highly engaging, 3D, game-based software that offers the best user experience


We value people over tech

We are truly client centric

We are innovative & creative

We embrace differences

We believe in collaboration

We promote learning

We are principled & transparent