Why we acquired 7th Center Group

Originally, we outsourced all our learning and development work to the 7th Center Group. It made perfect sense to create a learning and development vertical as more and more clients wanted Edutech / Game Based Learning. With a strong background in training, learning management systems and game based learning, it was an ideal fit. After such synchronized collaborations  the natural course was to join forces and we acquired them.  

Convert your existing courses to Game Based Learning

Converting PowerPoint slides and workshop based training is a specialty. After finding this to be challenging for clients so we do it for you. We setup brain storming sessions with your team and ensure that we have full understanding of your course material and objectives before we map out your content creation plan for execution. This will include copy, images, design, video production, animation and development of functionality.

Training Scenarios / Simulations 

The purpose is practice without risk. In a medical environment or restaurant, you want to expose trainees to the environment for the best and worst case scenarios however the risks can be devastating. It makes a lot more sense to have people work in a theoretical and simulated environment before working in real time. Studies have shown a significant increase in practical work when simulation work is completed first.   

Reusable game-based assessments

A breakthrough, first-of-its-kind technology developed by 3 Degrees Tech. We have designed and developed several game-based assessment templates that can turn any assessment into a game. This allows companies to use game-based assessments at scale.

This is the perfect way to complement your current learning content by assessing understanding via games.

Host your training games in your LMS 

We can host your learning games on any 3rd party platform.  Alternatively, our games seamless integrate with our Virtual Learning Academy that allows our clients to offer training in 3D – yes, full 3D. 

Examples of Game Based Learning & Assessments: