3D business processes are here! From Metaverses to Game Based Experiences - we have you covered

At 3 Degrees Tech, we assist businesses in transforming their 2D processes into an optimized 3D, gamified experience that enhances interaction and inspires brand elevation.

We assist companies to create highly engaging online solutions in four verticals: Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Events & Meetings and e-Commerce.  With everyone jumping onto the ‘online’ bandwagon, we believe that companies are looking for something different that will enhance their brand and will allow them to stand out from the crowd and be recognized.

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3D Virtual vs
2D Online

All our products are exclusively 3D. We provide 3D experiences where other offer 2D web or App based products

Game-based vs

We are not just gamifying a business process; we turn the entire process into a game. All our products embrace game-mechanics to keep the user engaged.

Mind Blowing
Virtual Experiences

We create mind altering virtual events that transport you to experiences that aim to capture the imagination of your audiences with custom designed, 3D interactive environments.